Indonesia is an incredibly diverse country. With more than 17,500 islands, it is a multicultural country, rich in cultures and traditions. From Sumatra to Papua, Bali, Java, Flores or Sulawesi, Bali, cultures, ethnicities, languages, religions, traditions are varied, rich and fascinating. Traveling to a new Indonesian island is every time discovering a new side of Indonesia, its women and culture. Suffice to say that a life would not be enough to explore the country and that’s what makes it so attractive!

Moreover, there is something for all tastes and all types of travelers. Hikers can hike and trek on volcanoes and in the jungle. To relax, there is enough to do with all the beaches of the country (black sand, white, pink, turquoise blue water …). Gourmands will enjoy local specialties, a multitude of restaurants, fresh fruit, etc. Adventurers will find happiness in jumping in waterfalls and lagoons, snorkelling or scuba diving, exploring unspoilt areas of the country, in the jungle or whatever.

Hungry for cultures, you can explore Hindu temples, Buddhists, mosques, churches, see traditional dance performances and discover a multitude of cultures. If you are looking for authenticity,off the beaten track , if you want to get away from mass tourism, you’ll be spoiled for choice. If, on the contrary, you prefer to stay in places that are easier to access, it is quite feasible too.

The wildlife is very rich: birds, butterflies, Komodo dragons , manta rays, orangutans a real paradise! Ditto for flora! And the best part of all this is that it is possible to live this trip to all budgets: budget backpacker, budget vacation, budget honeymoon, luxury etc!