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The Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

canineDogs can be more than pets; they can offer you more than companionship. Those already having a dog also have myriad reasons to thank the dog. This article will take you through incredible benefits of having a dog of your own.

Improved social life

Having a dog might increase your chances of having a
date. While walking your dog people are more likely to stop you and start a conversation.

Healthier Heart

Research has shown having a pet dog lowers a person’s
stress and heart rate as well. Owning a dog will help your overall heart health. A dog owner has a greater chance of surviving a heart disease. Male owners are more likely to experience this benefit according to experts.

Reduced chances of depression

Owning a dog improves your mental clarity and wellness. This reduces
the chances of being depressed. This benefit is attributed to the fact that dog owners care for a dog which decreases symptoms of depression by helping them to be more positive in their thinking.

Improved physical health

When you own a dog, you can save on gym class and
medical bills. Every dog requires regular walking and having an adequate amount of exercise. This means you can take your dog with you when walking, running, hiking, biking or even swimming. The trickle down benefits include getting in better shape, losing fat, lowering blood pressure, and general physical wellness.


Dogs can be vicious and this means guaranteed security for your home. Despite being sweet, loving and engaging, dogs can be overly excited and protective if they run into a stranger. Research has shown that burglars are actually very afraid of barking dogs. Make sure that you keep your dog in a crate that they cant get out of like this one.

Stress Management

Animals, and in particular canines have been found to assist
individuals manage high levels of stress. Even veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxious kids are recommended to keep a pet especially a dog.

Useful Tips on Proper Goldfish Care

Remember when you were a kid and you bought home a goldfish that  you won in the county fair, but like all the other goldfish that you
previously had that last one died after only a few days and got flushed  down. Why your other fishes died is due to improper handling; if only  you knew about proper goldfish care your prized fish could have lived  with you for many years. Here are goldfish care tips for caring for goldfish so  that you won’t have to endure the hardship of losing a pet over and over again.

The first thing you need to remember about proper goldfish care is to not keep them in a small fish bowl. In order for goldfish to
grow and be healthy they need to be kept in a tank that gives them  plenty of room to swim around in. If you are planning on keeping only a couple of fishes, like maybe 2 or 3, a 20 gallon fish tank will do.

The next goldfish care tip is to keep a close eye on the quality of your  goldfish’s water. You need to keep the water in the tank clean, you must
replace at least 25 percent of the tanks water every month so that it  doesn’t get murky. Placing a filter in your tank is also a good idea
because they not only help keep the water clean, filters also helps  circulate the water, keeping it well-oxygenated. Goldfish are really  hardy, so they are not as sensitive as other fishes when it comes to the ph levels of the water they live in; but if you want them to be in top  shape you should monitor and correct the ph levels and the temperature
of the tank water once in a while.

You might think that there is  nothing wrong with feeding your fishes a lot of food, but you could
actually make your fish sick. Overfeeding your goldfish not only makes  your fish sick, it also causes them to defecate a lot, making the water  dirty faster. You should only feed your fish several times a day, maybe 3 or 4 times. Make sure that you only feed your fish with an amount of  fish food that they can consume within 3 to 5 minutes, any more than  that and it would only make the water dirty.

Even though goldfish  are a hardy bunch of fish, they are still not immune to diseases. If you find any mysterious spots develop on any of your fishes it could be the
result of ichtyopthirius you should isolate the infected fish  immediately so that the other fish in the tank gets sick as well. Then  proceed to take your ailing fish to a veterinarian for proper goldfish care.

Goldfish generally have a long life span as compared with  other fish, to make sure that they live to their full potential proper
goldfish care is needed. Article contributed by Tim at best automatic fish feeders.

How to Choose a Guide Dog

It is a known fact that dogs play important roles in the treatment of people with a variety of health and psychological disorders. One example is the guide dog which assist blind and visually impaired people by avoiding obstacles and negotiating traffic as they go about their normal daily life. Before the introduction of guide dogs, blind people depended on the help and support of others to move around.The cane was helpful in giving the blind some sense of freedom but it could not be fully depended upon like a well trained guide dog.


The harness and U-shaped handle helps the dog handler send and receive information between him and his dog. In this relationship, dog and handler are a team. The dog uses commands passed by the human to safely lead the team to their destination.


The best dog breeds for blind people are Labrador, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd dogs and other large breeds. The selected dogs are carefully bred, socialized and raised for over one year by volunteers, then trained for 4 to 6 months by professional trainers after which they are introduced and placed with their Blind handlers. Guide dogs begin their training as puppies which could last for more than 1 year after which they are accessed and if successful they begin their lives officially as guide dogs.


Training and breeding guide dogs is costly with owners paying up to $15,000 to own one. Picking the right dog for the right handler is very important and it requires the breeders and trainers to have information such as Age, Medical condition, lifestyle, and living condition of the person needing the services of the dog so as to enable them train the dog for the specific needs of the intended handler.

What’s more, since Blind people can be vulnerable to attacks, guide dogs provide security and help when necessary.